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Hello and welcome to my website dedicated to the beautiful but now somewhat dilapidated State cinema building in Grays Essex. I decided to build this site as I have many fond memories from the late 80s when I went to see films at the State. Unfortunately back then I was too young to realise the significance of this beautiful old building and it's only now that we have no choice but to watch films in characterless bolt together multiplex cattle sheds that I realise what a magnificent experience watching films in these old picture houses really was.

The Grade II* listed building is currently sitting unused and has done for the past 10 years despite numerous rumors about a new life or prospects of a glorious return. Current owners TSP properties have made some emergency repairs to the building but have revealed no plans about the future of the State. Unfortunately with the low prices of  DVD's and the lower overheads of multiplex cinemas it is unlikely that the State will ever open solely as a cinema again but we are confident that the State could once again be the epicenter for entertainment in Thurrock.

Following the State cinema campaigners successful collection of over 6000 petition signatures Thurrock Council have agreed to a feasibility study to investigate the possible uses for the State. Although details of the study are yet to emerge we hope that one day the State will be restored and used as an entertainment venue for live music and theatre with occasional films.

With a huge amount of money having been invested in Grays and the Thames gateway over the last few years it is a travesty that the State was somehow overlooked and not included in the plan for the new Grays. The Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation are now planning the future of Grays and Thurrock  and hopefully will recommend restoring the building to it's former glory and  help make it the jewel in the crown of the town centre.

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